Designers all over the world work hard to make ordinary things shine with unique ideas or new bright colors attracting the attention of a lot of people. But sometimes they overdo their work… or underdo it. Anyway, the result is always funny.

Bright Side found the most outstanding design mistakes that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

What kind of vacation is that? We’re wondering.

Those brown marks… They’re not what you’re thinking.

Pencils for those who are hesitating. To do or not to do?

Looks like a horror movie poster — not a cartoon….

Accidental racism

“I don’t know what’s worse — the tassels, the font, the grammar, or the fact that it costs 50 bucks.”

It seems they’ve mixed up the shapes!

Apparently, the creators of this garbage can believe that the dump workers will just figure it out.

Definitely not the best design for a calculator

The showers in the women’s locker room have the logo of the gym right at breast level.

Creepy cannibal ice cream

“I’m no paleontologist but this doesn’t seem right.”

A skirt that drastically changes your figure.

This armchair likes jazz.

A picnic blanket with magic features

It turns out that dogs’ ears also have bones.

“A mug with the most useless and uncomfortable handle ever.”

How is one supposed to get to the upstairs porch?

Creepy kid’s benches

An arm from nowhere

This designer didn’t want to have to worry about the copyright.

Wow! This empty part of the wall is so interesting! Let’s look closer!

Apparently, they couldn’t choose just one variety of design options for their windows.

A yellow toilet seat… Are you serious?

Almost there

“I wouldn’t want to meet this dino in my childhood.”

What other examples of ridiculous design have you seen? Please show them to us in the comments!

Just look at the cat in the box — it looks exactly like the guy you saw on the bus, and the dog wearing a cap, looks like your best friend going to a party. Animals are like us, but kinder and funnier.

Bright Side has collected solid proof that animals are funny and expressive copies of ourselves.

When you came to a party with your friend and you don’t know anyone else:

When you look so stunning you’re even ready to see your ex:

When you’re tired and sleeping:

When you’re trying to impress someone you really like:

Before you’ve had your morning coffee:

When you barely made it to your bus:

When both of you are hungry but you can’t agree on where to eat:

When you’re going to work during rush hour:

When you’re trying to let your friend know that his joke wasn’t really funny:

When someone took your favorite seat and you’re imagining what you’d do to get it back:

When someone you don’t know that well enters your personal space:

When you have an idea for a cool start-up and you’re planning on getting rich soon:

When you just don’t know what to do:

When you’re trying to figure out whether you need to lose weight or if you still look okay:

When you realize that the person you are talking to is kind of dumb:

When you photoshopped your photo to look cool:

When your neighbors turn on loud music in the middle of the night:

When you can do something unusual and you want to demonstrate that:

When someone told you something offensive:

When you decide to take a selfie lying down:

When you made a bad decision:

When you come home from work and you can finally relax:

When you’re cool and you know it:

When you are on vacation and taking pictures in front of everything:

When you love your parents:

Which animal do you associate yourself with?

Despite the harsh times the previous generations lived in, kids were just kids anyway. They had their own joy, dreams, and their own idea of a happy future. Times change, and it becomes difficult to explain to modern kids what the world was like in the past.

Bright Side gathered 28 kids’ photos who are already parents and even grandparents. We invite you to plunge into the world that is so close yet so far away now.

28. Everyone who had a TV switched it on only according to the programming schedule.

A small boy in front of TV, 1966

27. Famous people were very talented and beautiful. That generation had true idols.

A boy kissing Sophia Loren and giving her flowers, 1957

26. They were role models for kids.

25. Calling mom at work was a challenging journey.

Two boys at payphone, 1961

24. These kids grew up really fast.

23. And they dreamed about great things.

A student at school for the sons of sailors, 1959

22. But everyone adored toys.

21. And everyone was an Indian.

20. They loved animals and treated them as friends.

19. Because friendship was really significant.

18. They cared about their friends a lot.

17. No one wanted to stay inside.

16. That’s why there were lots of kids to play with.

15. Giving presents to parents was very exciting.

14. Each gift was made with incredible love.

13. Apparently, they loved winter more than we do now.

12. They waited for holidays to come.

Christmas preparation, 1942

11. Because they believed in magic.

10. Each autumn was accompanied by ships.

9. And their summer was a bit different.

Kids learning to build a fire, 1960

8. Swimming until you got really cold.

7. Taking part in watermelon eating contests

Watermelon eating contest, 1949

6. What’s a childhood without fishing?

5. Moms also liked it.

Mother and daughter fishing, 1962

4. They even had their own games that modern kids don’t know about.

Young boy playing marbles, 1961

3. There were games that made kids be active, be able to construct things, and be team players.

2. They also had a lot of fun.

Children play in the spray of a fire hydrant, 1950

1. Childhood in the past looked like this:

Bonus: Fashion has changed a bit as well.

What do you think about and what do you feel when you look through these old pictures? Share in the comments!

When hearing captivating stories about love, many of us sigh and say, “This is something that can only happen in movies,” because the majority of great declarations of love aren’t usually an everyday thing. The hero of this article proved with his beautiful and fearless act of love that there is a place for real love in this world.

Bright Side wants to share this amazing and truthful story that reveals the secret of endless love.

How it all started

The story of the love between Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin began way before their first meeting. In India, where Pradyumna was born, families are accustomed to visiting an astrologist when a child is born. The astrologist predicted that despite tradition, the child would marry an aristocrat from a far-away country who was born under the sign of Taurus, was able to play flute, and possessed a great amount of forest land.

Their meeting

Pradyumna had a difficult childhood as he belonged to the lowest caste of untouchability of Indian society. “I was treated worse than stray dogs and cattle.” Pradyumna remembers, “When I passed by a temple, people threw rocks at me.”

During his youth, Pradyumna drew portraits on the streets of Delhi where he encountered Charlotte Von Schedvin, a Swedish tourist. He remembered his prediction at once and began asking her questions while drawing her portrait. What was her Zodiac sign? Taurus. Did she play the flute? Yes, flute and piano. It also turned out that her family owned forest lands. This part of the prediction also turned out to be true. “It all fits,” Pradyumna said, “you are meant to be my wife.”

After that, the couple became involved romantically and they soon got married in Pradyumna’s village in line with local tradition.


This story wouldn’t have been so beautiful if there was no separation — Charlotte had to come back to Sweden. Pradyumna promised to join her there as soon as he could.

The spouses lived separately for 16 months and wrote letters to each other. Pradyumna understood that he couldn’t live without his beloved any longer. He sold all his possessions but it was still not enough to buy an air ticket. He ended up buying a used bicycle for 60 rupees, said good-bye to his family, and hit the road with 200 rupees in his pocket.

The road

His journey began on January 22, 1977. There were 5 months of traveling ahead of him. Pradyumna covered 45 miles every day. By the time he reached Sweden, he had covered over 6,000 miles.

“I was very tired. My legs ached but my desire to see Charlotte pushed me forward. My art saved me, I drew portraits of people who paid with money, food or a place to sleep at night.”

During those times, many countries didn’t demand visas for entrance, which made his journey easier, but when he reached Sweden, Immigration refused to let Pradyumna into the country. Authorities didn’t believe his story, they thought it was too extraordinary. But as soon as they called Charlotte, they understood that his story was true and they let him pass.

Pradyumna was asked whether it was possible for migrating poor people to make the same journey during present times, he answered, “Yes. If you really want it, everything becomes possible. Of course, such a journey is more difficult now, but it is still possible. Fear and doubts are our main foes. It is them that make our life more complicated.”


Pradyumna reached Boras on May 28, 1977, and finally met Charlotte after being separated from her for 2 long years.

“We couldn’t talk. We just cried in each other’s embrace.”

For the sake of Charlotte’s happiness, her parents forgot about the rules that didn’t allow nobility to marry people with dark skin. The couple married again in 1979, in accordance with Swedish laws.

40 years later

Since the moment of their reunion, more than 40 years have passed. Despite this long period of time, Pradyumna says that he still can’t believe his happiness. He doubts whether he would have been capable to conquer Charlotte’s heart in current times when people from all over the world can stay connected via the internet. But Pradyumna never doubts one thing: “Your fate is something that you make with your own hands.”

When asked about the secret of their love, the couple says that there is no secret. The main thing is to be sincere, to understand each other, and to respect each other.

This true story of the power of love is a beautiful example of just how possible everything can be when 2 people are in love. If someone is in love and has a goal, there’s no obstacle that can deter them from their path. Lack of money, distance, prejudice, and any other things that stand in the way between 2 people in love are seen only as small hurdles.

We really admired the story of this Indian artist and his beloved. What did you think was the most interesting part of this story? Do you have your own incredible love story that you’d like to share with us?

Owning a camera doesn’t make you a photographer. Apart from the equipment, you need a special vision. These photos of duck paws, a flamingo, and a regular grater were taken by those who have it. Now you can get all the visual pleasure you want.

Bright Side has gathered photos that provide a different view on ordinary things and it looks really cool.

A duck — bottom view

An elephant’s eyelashes

A flamingo

A cat

A plane-hammock

The inside of a cheese grater

Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London

A sunrise from the skies

A cloud dog

A tree in Ohio

A soap bubble

A plane

A dog diving to get the ball

A caravan

Just a photo of the moray eel’s face

Do you have any unusual and captivating photographs? Share them with us in the comments and we’ll include the best ones in our next article!

In the ’90s, the legendary supermodel, Cindy Crawford released several video workouts that had amazing success. Crawford’s exercises are simple and effective and require the work of all the main muscle groups without the need for any special equipment.

At Bright Side, we decided to do the workouts that Cindy developed and liked them so much we want to share them with you! Don’t forget about doing a warm-up before the workout — and then you can start on your journey to getting the perfect shape!

1. Squats: knees outward

Let’s start the workout with leg exercises. Put the legs a little wider than the shoulders, and feet should be pointed outward. Do 10 deep squats. Push the hips up actively, you can place your hands on the waist.

2. Lunges

One more simple and effective exercise for legs is regular lunges. Do 10 reps.

3. Squats: “sitting on the chair”

The initial position has you with your feet at shoulder width apart and your hands on the waist. You should do squats again, but differently this time: imagine that you are sitting down on a chair. Do 10 reps. Then, do 10 lunges again.

4. Squats: legs together

The last cycle of squats should be done with your legs together, hands forward. Complete 10 reps. After this exercise, do 10 more lunges.

5. Incomplete push-ups

Now let’s do a few exercises for the abs and chest. Put your hands at shoulder width, keeping your hips and legs against the mat. Do two sets, 10 reps in each.

6. Incomplete body lifting

Keep your legs bent and your hands behind your head. Lift your body 20 times, keeping your back on the mat.

7. Complete body lifting

Keep your knees bent and your hands behind your head. Now lift your entire body. Do 20 reps.

8. Abs exercises

Reach your right leg with your left elbow, the right hand should be on the floor or on your belly. Do 20 reps, then switch the hand and leg, and repeat.

9. Legs up

This exercise is good for the lower muscles of the belly: lie on your back and put your hands down alongside your body. Lift your legs up 20 times.

If you have a balanced diet and do these exercises regularly, you will have the perfect shape very soon. Are you ready to try it?

Our world is filled with beautiful scenery, but in the hustle of everyday life most of us can’t distract ourselves and go looking for it. We decided to make this task easier for you and found something really special.

Bright Side gathered 27 of the most mesmerizing photographs for you.

1. Wisteria in bloom, Japan

2. The library hall, Dublin

3. Multicolored ivy on a museum wall

4. A kingfisher and its reflection in the water

5. A cotton candy colored rosefinch

6. A flying tennis ball

7. In the mist, Switzerland

8. The first snow in spring, Maryland

9. A participant of the extreme ironing contest

10. A lightning strike

11. Petri dish art

12. I’ve mastered the art of making the best pancakes.

13. A beautiful cream swirl

14. Could a snowball be more perfect?

15. The Milky Way above a lighthouse

16. An amazing mosaic on the floor of a cathedral in Florence (top view)

17. Night sky petunia

18. Thunderclouds above a field

19. This foot bridge is a work of art.

20. A road in the Namib desert

21. Hawa Mahal, Palace of Breeze, Jaipur (India)

22. The eyes of the tunnel

23. A pink and white rose

24. A beautiful arrangement of vitamins

25. This phone fits perfectly.

26. The perfect bowl

27. Fireworks in Japan

Which of the photos above did you like the most? Share your opinion in the comments.

During her lifetime, a woman will spend approximately $15,000 on makeup alone, but this is not the only thing women spend money on. And some of these things look… Well, just see for yourself.

We, at Bright Side, love women of all shapes and sizes, but we can’t avoid talking about some spending habits we find odd, like the purchases on this list.

17. Make-out practice pillow

Thehe popularity of these pillows is actually astonishing. But we guess everybody gets lonely sometimes.

16. RAD Emergency Bra

An object that can save your life! This was invented by Dr. Elena Bodnar who, at the time, was the founder and president of the Trauma Risk Management Research Institute in Chicago. This stylish bra transforms into two gas masks with independent strap systems. Having 20 years of experience in research under her belt, Dr. Bondar should know what she’s talking about… maybe we should get one?

15. Cuchini

This simple little thing will prevent the showing of a “camel toe” in any type of panties or trousers. But you could just get clothing in your size to avoid this issue.

14. GoGirl

This hefty tube let’s women pee standing up. We’d leave it at that, but we just have to mention that the original version is currently sold out on their website. The website that has already sold over 5 million of these. You go girl!

13. Boob glue

This “gravity defying” product claims to hold boobs of all sizes in place. They claim to be “A Cleavage Make-Over in a Bottle” and promise to keep your boobs perky.

12. Heel condoms

Yep, you’ve read it right. Invented, at first, as a simple protective cover for heels, this evolved into a fashion trend and basically lets you choose a ton of styles to turn your shoes into.

11. BraZing

For everyone who’s tired of seeing simple bra straps, there is the BraZing company. We can best explain what they make as bra strap wrappers. Our only question — is it really that different from before?

10. Foot undiez

Because why just have undies in regular places, right? We believe this was invented by a person with a little… foot fetish.

9. Ta-ta towels

Do you even know there were towels made for specific body parts? Yep, and here’s the boob towel — support and dryness is their message, we think.

8. Beetle earrings

While a huge part of us would presume this jewelry to be quite creepy, it’s popular with a certain group of people. Just don’t put it on to meet your significant other’s parents.

7. Handholding phonecase

For the lonely among us… Who else in their life wants to talk on the phone and hold a plastic hand at the same time? Except maybe the inventors of this phone case.

6. Ryan Gosling pillow

We get it, he’s handsome, talented, and quite ripped in all the right places, but do we really need a Ryan Gosling in every bed?

5. Hug buddy

Speaking of extremely masculine pillows — here’s another product for people lacking hugs in their life. And it’s also in stock!

4. Smile trainer

No matter how anti-feminist it is to tell a woman to smile more — apparently ladies are totally up for buying this product on their own. It literally stretches out the corners of your mouth to give you a “perfect smile” — whatever that means.

3. Wine Bra

If you were thinking to sneak some wine into the movie theater or your kid’s recital — don’t. For other sneaky cases there is this bra that can store up to a bottle of wine. Let’s hope there’s no leaking.

2. Lipstick helper

Perfect plump lips are the dream of the modern woman, right? If you don’t want to put time into learning how to apply lipstick, you can always purchase this creepy looking mask. Also handy for Halloween!

1. Side sleep boob pillow

Is one of your boobs smashing the other one while you are asleep. Prevent this risky business with the boob pillow.

Did you get a laugh or did you find something useful on our list? Be sure to share it with us in the comments and may God save you from unnecessary purchases!

There are some stupid rules in our society. Like in Oklahoma you’re not allowed to make an ugly face and this can actually land you in jail. Now what about people like us who are already ugly? Anyway, rules have been created and followed since the beginning of time in order to maintain peace in society. But what happens when you take them too literally?

Here, at Bright Side, we’ve put together a list of the people who follow the rules too literally. Have you ever heard of a “Dude Chilling Park”? Keep scrolling if you haven’t.

1. “Can’t argue with that.”

2. “Stumbled upon this legendary park. Much chilling was had.”

3. We can only imagine.

4. “This guy gets it.”

5. You got it.

6. “This isn’t exactly what we meant when we told him that he could look up puppy training tips on YouTube.”

7. Honest advertising

8. My mom told me to “clean the bathroom like the Queen of England is visiting.”

9. “Just doing what my wife asked.”

10. Yup doggie, it’s your fault.

11. “2nd grade homework: My friend’s (awesome) 6 yr old son is autistic and takes instructions literally.”

12. “Girlfriend told me to wear a plain tie to dinner tonight.”

13. Just following the instructions.

14. “Under watch”

15. “Found some amazing Indian writing.”

16. “My friend’s daughter taking the instructions literally.”

17. Or rather ’falling twins’

18. Stop your car, draw a bridge, and then you might be able to pass.

19. The driver took this too literally.

20. Give this kid a medal.

21. The smoke goes into the atmosphere faster this way.

22. “He chose… wisely.”

23. He might have lost his job later that day.

24. “I’m on it.”

25. “Job well done”

Don’t follow the rules so literally guys! Tag someone who follows the rules too literally and don’t forget to share the article if you like it.