Once in a lifetime, some of us get a chance to meet our favorite actor or actress. But what if we tell you that a few extremely blessed fans are actually married to their celeb crush? This kind of restores the hope every one of us hides deep inside.

We at Bright Side brought their fairy tales here to keep the hopes of millions of fans alive. Make sure not to miss the bonus at the end!

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Warren met his dream girl on the sets of Fantastic Four in 2005 where he was a production assistant. It was a surprise to many that Jessica, at the peak of her fame, fell for him. After their first few meetings, they both knew they were in love. After 4 years, they got married in LA.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

Moder met Roberts on the movie set of The Mexican in 2000 where he was working as a cameraman. Moder was already married then but love knows no bounds. They married in 2004 in New Mexico after Moder’s divorce. Now they’re the proud parents of three kids: Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes used to be the biggest fan of Tom Cruise. One of her former classmates from Catholic school claimed Katie kept photos of him in her textbooks. She even later stated in her interviews how much she wanted to get married to him. Her dream came true in 2006. Sadly, though, the marriage lasted only 6 years — the beautiful couple divorced in 2012 when Katie got fed up with Tom’s Scientology interests.

Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim

Alice and Nicholas met at the restaurant where she used to work as a waitress in 2004. Sparks flew and they got married that same year. It would’ve been called destiny had it not been for the unfortunate occurrence of the couple splitting up in 2016 — after 12 years of marriage.

Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink

Patrick met his fan and the love of his life at a hair salon where the TV star made an appointment for her to cut his hair. The couple married in 1999. She still does Dempsey’s hair — as both his stylist and his wife!

Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler

Jackie was a great admirer of this star’s work and after his friend Rob Schneider put in a good word for her, she got the chance to play alongside Adam in Big Daddy in 1999. Their romance grew on the movie set and they tied the knot in 2003. She even converted to Judaism for him. Today, they have 2 beautiful daughters, Sandy and Sunny.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Though they are both well known, Kelly remembers how she was only 16 when she saw a poster of Travolta on her way out of a movie theater and said, “I’m going to marry that man.” Later, it proved true and they have been happily married since 1991.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman

Anne Hathaway’s admirer Adam Shulman met her during the Palm Springs Film Festival where he had a fanboy moment. Anne also fell for him at first sight. The couple got married in 2012 and have lived happily together ever since.

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

Luciana Barroso was working as a bartender in 2003 when she met her big-time crush Matt Damon who was there in Miami for the shooting of his movie Stuck on You. She even helped him escape fans and she ended up stealing his heart. The rest went like the title of his movie: Matt literally stuck on her and they got married in 2005.

Ruben Studdard and Surata Zuri McCants

Ruben won millions of hearts with his voice and out of those millions there was Surata Zuri. He met her during a CD signing at a store. He became infatuated with her the very instant he saw her and even followed her around the store. The couple wed in 2008 but they filed for divorce in 2011.

Bonus: Jake T. Austin and Danielle Caesar

Danielle tweeted to Jake for years about how much she adored and that she wanted to marry him. Sparks flew when Jake started following her on Instagram after their first meeting at an event in 2011. After years of her persistence, they finally got together. Maybe they’ll even get married in the near future!

This could be any fan’s ultimate fantasy, although it does not guarantee any happily ever after. If you too know any fan-celeb romance we’d love to hear about it. Please share with us in the comments below.

People who were lucky enough to visit a wedding exhibition in Dubai had a chance to taste a “bride” that costs $1 million. Debbie Wingham, the creator of this cake, is known as the world’s most expensive designer, because she creates $50 million masterpieces.

Bright Side invites you to enjoy this designer’s professionalism, and have a closer look at her cake and other impressive works of art.

This what the $1 million “bride” looks like. Her height is 182 cm (72 in) and she weighs 120 kg (164 lbs). She’s heavier than the prototype, but everyone will have a chance to try it.

1,000 eggs and 20 kg (44 lbs) of chocolate were used for this cake.

The whole thing is edible, and its covered with 50 kg (110 lbs) of lacy confectionery.

Each feature includes tiny flowers and pearls, which are all handmade.

5,000 flowers were used in total, and it took 10 days to decorate.

There are also real decorations among the edible ones — pearls and three-carat diamonds that cost $200 million each.

They were used to decorate the bride’s head.

Here’s Debbie with her “simple” cake.

But she doesn’t just make cakes.

She also creates unique shoes that look tasty as well. This pair costs $15 million.

Debbie set the record when she created the world’s most expensive black diamond dress. It cost $50 million.

And Oriental fashion lovers will definitely like this red diamond abaya…

… And this soft blue dress worthy of a queen.

Did you like Debbie’s works? Share your impression in the comments!

We celebrate inventions every day by using electricity, mechanical devices, or just simple everyday stuff around the house — but believe it or not, plenty of things were made for some other purpose before they won our hearts over.

If those items tickle your curiosity, Bright Side have an interesting list for you — 11 things that weren’t invented for what we are using them for now.

11. Pacemakers

Over the years, pacemakers have had a huge impact on the medical treatment of people with heart diseases, but initially, they were nothing more than heart sound recorders that inventors were working on. Other uses for them were discovered later.

10. Kotex

Initially, Kotex made wartime bandages. Nurses were supposed to use them during the war to stop the injured bleeding and to absorb moisture from the wounds. It is safe to say that it was nurses who, in time, also have discovered other uses for these products.

9. Chewing gum

Our favorite thing from childhood was actually stumbled upon whilst scientists were working on a formula for a new kind of rubber. Some very tasty rubber, that is.

8. Kleenex

Were you one of those kids who saw their mother use tons of cold cream? Back in the day, it was one of the staples of women’s beauty regimes, so it’s no surprise that Kleenex wanted to cater to this by inventing their “cold cream towels”. But as the fashion for it has passed, Kleenex’s ads — and purposes — have changed.

7. Bubble Wrap

Engineers Al Fielding and inventor Marc Chavannes were initially trying to make wallpaper, but eventually ended up creating everyone’s favorite nerve-calmer and safety wrapping.

6. Listerine

Believe it or not — Listerine was invented about 135 years ago and has stuck around ever since then — and not just as a mouthwash. Initially, it’s antiseptic properties were used in medical surgeries as a cleaning substance for medical instruments and as an antibacterial antiseptic.

5. Brandy

This old drink was not so much as invented as stumbled upon — since the first days of the existence of wine, it’s had its by-products. But it was only during the Prohibition era when people decided to utilize it to make brandy, and the result is now worth millions.

4. Coca-Cola

Could you ever think of Coca-Cola as medicine? Well, that is probably because you weren’t there when it was invented. Originally, it was made to reduce morphine addiction, cure headaches and relieve anxiety.

3. Play-Doh

First invented in the 1930s by Cleo McVickers, who was at the time a cleaning products manufacturer, Play-Doh was supposed to serve as a wallpaper cleaner.

2. Corkscrew

This thing can be found in almost every kitchen, and is so familiar that you would imagine its purpose was always quite straightforward. But in reality, it was once a hefty little tool to remove bullets from soldiers’ wounds.

1. WD-40 Spray

A lot of inventions come to us from rocket science, just like this little thing every car owner is familiar with. WD-40 was really invented to protect missiles and rockets in the atmosphere…before it became an easy way to unlock a frozen key hole.

Which one of these impressed you? Maybe, you know of an invention that didn’t make it onto our list — be sure to share it with us in the comments!

With today’s abundance of goods, it’s difficult to surprise anyone with a convenient and functional design. Therefore, manufacturers have to use their imagination to the fullest extent in order to grab the attention of potential customers.

Bright Side collected 27 original creations that definitely stand out among others.

This notebook looks like a silver bar:

Charming USB-hub

The secret of all men has been revealed.

A cute flower pot makes the character of the film The Guardians of the Galaxy quite real.

A cool table for music lovers

A sink with a mesmerizing illusion

In this hotel, rooms are numbered by shadows:

The bottles on this wall demonstrate how whiskey ripens in barrels over time.

A train for those who like to enjoy the scenery:

The original design of the multivolume edition History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:

A wooden table with a glass “river”

A miniature lamp in the form of a radioactive drop

A very creative corkscrew

Book holders made of natural stone

Sewer hatches in Japan look like real works of art.

Stickers that can’t wait to be used

A ring made of wood and epoxy resin

This ceramic mug looks like it’s made of cardboard.

A set of bookmarks with emblems of all Hogwarts faculties

This sink is made of a gearbox:

An incredibly cute panda cup with a cookie compartment

In this workshop, they make unique furniture from wood and metal.

Nightlight in the form of your personal moon

A bonfire in the shape of the Death Star from Star Wars

An unusual and stylish lamp made out of a phone

Phone and tablet holders in the form of cats

This museum in Japan “lets” nature into the room.

Have you ever come across a unique design that really stuck out to you? If you had the chance to take a photo, share it with us in the comment section below!

Reddit user under the name of Your_Post_As_A_Movie made himself a name by turning photos into amazing movie posters. That is truly a form of art.

We have selected several of his works for you to fall in love with, just like we at Bright Side did. Talent like this should not go unnoticed. Which “movie” would you look forward to watching?

1. You better follow his rules, it seems.

2. We hope at least this poster would speed up the movie.

3. We hope justice nose no boundaries too.

4. The only thing you need to improve this picture is Ryan Gosling.

5. I would pay money to see that.

6. He truly has a taste for romantic movies.

7. A controversial choice on Meryl Streep’s part but at this point — she really can do anything.

8. That road was never this epic before.

9. ABBA soundtrack, evidently.

10. He saw something in her — something she always knew was there.

11. There is something about cats and being evil… He’s probably a dog person.

12. We admire the text as much as the picture.

13. Boy, I hope this one is a fairytale.

Which one would you want to see on the big screen? Or maybe you have a photo you’d like the artist to remake into a movie poster? Share with us in the comments below!

Almost every day, things that we can’t explain happen in our lives. And some people’s actions are totally beyond any logic.

Bright Side has collected 30 photographs for you which will make you wonder just why and how certain things are possible.

Does this make you feel uncomfortable?

The quickest way to start a fight on Thanksgiving

This strawberry’s seeds started sprouting while it was still on the plant.

“It seems that my cat is possessed by the devil. And the second cat is really worried.”

For some reason, this guy put his leg on the counter while he was paying.

It can be tricky to realize what’s wrong here.

Are you serious?

The elevator is turned off while the stairs are being repaired.

The minus 1 floor is obviously the basement. But where does the infinity button lead to?

A great view

Your home is where your cat cooks soup for you.

“The edge of my drawer casts an odd shadow.”

Well, this might come in handy.

This toolkit costs $6 more if you get the non-girly version.

“Mom’s new front door mat”

“Neighborhood kids built the most terrifying snowman I’ve ever seen.”

“I walked by a manhole cover with light coming out of it last night.”

“Don’t know if this belongs here but the sky was pretty weird yesterday. I had never seen it like this.”

He seems to be very comfortable.

Is this really the best place to celebrate the New Year?

“Okay, buddy. Take one photo and return the pineapple.”

Either the detergent has become better, or its competitors have started doing a lousy job.

Mutant lemon

The baby must be huge!

“Found at a gas station in my city.”

Y’all be careful around Mrs. Vaughn! Spotted in Mesquite.

I saw a mannequin in a lobster suit inviting people to buy two beers and get one free.

Buy two beers and get one for free.

“Why does this have to be in front of my mirror?”

“Don’t you dare take a picture of me, human!”

Out of bags in the supermarket? And what’s with the thread on the ankle?

Dionysus, the god of wine, came down from Olympus to buy some wine on sale in a local supermarket, IV century, Ancient Greece.

Have you ever witnessed any similarly weird situations? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

Good posture is more important than most of us think. Bad posture means that your muscles and joints don’t work right all the time, and it may cause very serious problems such as: chronic pain, muscle atrophy, all kinds of joint injuries, digestion and breathing issues, and others. Moreover, bad posture doesn’t make you look very attractive.

Bright Side would like to offer you some advice to help you maintain good posture and stay healthy. All of these tips are really easy to follow.

1. Walk barefoot and wear comfortable shoes.

Your feet are the foundation of your whole body, so the correct development of the muscles and joints in them is the key to having good posture. The most natural thing for people to do is to walk barefoot, so you should do it as often as you can. When you have to wear shoes, high heels and thick soles are the first things to avoid. Find yourself a perfect pair of shoes with good support.

2. Add calcium to your diet.

Calcium is the building material for our bones. The older we get, the more fragile our bones become. Having a strong skeleton helps you to maintain a good posture and avoid all kinds of pain that having poor posture may cause. So eat more food that’s rich in calcium, such as: cheese, nuts, beans and dairy products.

3. Consume vitamin D.

Vitamin D is needed by your bones, in the first instance because it ensures good absorption of calcium. You can get vitamin D from food and sunlight, but if those two sources are not enough, it’s better to take supplements.

4. Lift weights.

You don’t have to rush to the gym and start training like a weightlifter. Small loads that you encounter in your everyday life, like bags from the grocery store or a backpack, will do the trick. Just use them wisely and don’t carry a heavy bag on the same shoulder all the time. Regularly lifting various loads will prevent you from getting osteoporosis and having a hump when you get older.

5. Change your pose.

Sitting in one position for hours on end causes muscles to tire out and, as a result, bad posture, as well as back and neck pain. It’s very important to change your pose, stand up, walk and stretch at least twice an hour. If you’re too busy to remember it, set yourself an alarm to do so every 30 minutes.

6. Improve your balance.

There is different fitness equipment available that you can use to exercise. Walking on any unstable surface, such as sand, is also very helpful. Balancing connects up your brain, nervous system and muscles to create better coordination, and improves your posture.

7. Exercise.

Here are a few exercises to help you improve your posture and get rid of pain:

  • Cobra pose. Lie on your stomach, legs straight behind you, arms along the body and the upper sides of your feet on the floor. Exhale, and slowly raise your head and chest off the floor, using your back muscles but without using your arms. Keep your hips on the floor, and relax your neck. Then slowly go back down, and repeat this exercise three times.
  • Chair pose. Stand up. Exhale as you bend your knees. Do not bend your knees more than 90 degrees, and keep them over your toes. Take two breaths, then stand up and repeat this exercise three times.
  • Plank pose. Begin with your hands and knees on the floor. Extend both legs straight behind you, with your toes on the floor and your back and legs forming a single straight line. Hold this pose for as long as you can.

Do you know any other ways to get rid of back and neck pain and to maintain good posture? Share them with us in the comments.

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for BrightSide.me

“I was the last person to board the plane and I saw that someone was already in my seat, so I asked him to move. He turned to me and I saw my own face in front of me… All the people on the plane were looking at us and laughing.”

This is the recollection of Neil Douglas, who was flying to Ireland for an ordinary wedding on a regular day. He found himself in the unusual situation where he met his own twin. Not only had the stranger twins accidentally bought plane tickets for similar seats, but they also met in a hotel later, and then in a bar (well, okay, the bar was planned).

And now just imagine that the same thing could happen to any individual in the world! You might have heard the legend that nature creates 8 identical people and puts them in different places across the world, so that at least one of them survives. And if they meet, the system fails and one of the twins dies.

We at Bright Side don’t believe these tales, but we can prove right not that, in theory, you really might have a twin.

1. Only 0.1% of the genome is responsible for a person’s uniqueness

The first point here is based on the fact that 99.9% of the genome in the entire human race is absolutely identical, and only 0.1% is responsible for our uniqueness. And there are even fewer genes which determine our appearance itself. So, despite the sheer number of possible DNA combinations, identical appearances don’t seem unbelievable in theory. This could be the explanation why there are so many rumors about famous people having twins.

Of course, a full match of even this small percentage can happen only in one out of a billion cases, as with “the infinite monkey problem”: sit a monkey in front of a typewriter for long enough and eventually it will surely write the Complete Works of William Shakespeare by randomly hitting the keys on the keyboard.

Ignoring grammar, the monkey has a one in 26 chance of correctly typing the first letter of Macbeth. So far, so good. But already by the second letter, the chance has decreased to one in 676 (26×26) and by the end of the fourth line (22 letters), it’s one in 13 quintillions. When you multiply probabilities together, the chances of something actually happening disappear very, very quickly.

But still, there is a chance!

This is why, theoretically speaking, out of 7 billion people, there could be one person whose DNA matches yours to a pretty significant extent. For example, take a look at this amazing story by Valeriy Panushkin about bone marrow donors:

“If your bone marrow is assimilated into someone’s body, you get a call from the doctors. They ask you if you want to meet the recipient. If both of you agree, then you fly to meet one another.

A few years ago, I attended just such a meeting with a friend of mine, doctor Mikhail Maschan, and a group of Russian children, Mikhail’s patients, who had had a non-relative bone marrow transplant. There were 5 or 6 kids. They were waiting for the donors and eating cakes.

Then a door opened and a young, 30-year-old woman came in. She looked really confused. She didn’t know where to go, We did, though. From the first glance.

Mikhail said, ’God! That’s impossible!’ This skinny blonde woman looked like one of our girls as much as older sisters look like their younger sister. This couldn’t have been a mistake. One glance was enough to realize that the woman and the girl had matching DNA.

Mikhail came up to the blonde woman, asked the name of the girl she was looking for, and of course, the woman was looking for the girl we had in mind. Mikhail introduced himself and said he was the doctor who had performed the transplant. He took the woman across the room to introduce her to the girl. The woman was saying something in English. Then she saw the girl, froze for a second, and whispered, ’Mein Gott! Das bin doch ich als Kind!’ I don’t speak German but I understood that she said, ’My God, that’s me in childhood’.

Valeriy Panushkin

2. You might turn out to be distant (very distant) relatives

And here’s the second rationale: if you look at this question not from the point of view of genetics, but from that of mathematics, then unknown twins could simply be relatives. According to calculations, a person can have more than 250 relatives after approximately 8 generations, and within 30 generations, the number of relatives can be higher than 1 million. So, it’s no wonder that you could potentially meet your distant cousin who has the same appearance as you.

For example, while we were preparing this article, we used the photo project of Francois Brunelle, which has helped to bring together many Canadians who were separated in childhood. Who knows, maybe they’re just relatives?

The only hope we have is that in the future, the faces of all the 7 billion people who live in the world will be in some kind of a database (like this website) — then we’ll be able to talk about looking for our twins. So far, such encounters have been miracles, unless your twin plays in some cute Hungarian movie or makes some trash art film with his phone.

And finally, imagine for a second that somewhere in the world, there’s at least one more attractive person just like you! Tell us honestly: would you like to meet the person?

When we want to buy something or when we choose a place to stay, we usually read the reviews very carefully and thank the people who leave very detailed comments about a product. But sometimes they are so well-written that they look like they were written by professionals. These guys are so good at writing reviews that it doesn’t really matter what the product is.

We at Bright Side had a lot of fun reading these masterpieces. We offer you a chance to share the fun with us.

1. Inflatable ball

2. Slicer

3. Driver

4. Mattress

5. Ladies’s underwear

6. Case

7. Bag

8. Game

9. Headphones

10. Ointment

11. Alcohol

12. Animal bag

13. Dress

14. Squirt gun

15. Bed


Do you ever leave reviews or comments about things and places? Tell us in the comment section below!

It’s often the small and unnoticeable details that end up spoiling our mood. In this article, we will reveal what those tiny mistakes are in the hopes of helping you prevent unwanted consequences later.

Bright Side put together a list of things and habits that can leave you feeling drained. At the end of the article, there is a bonus with a piece of advice that will probably change your reality.

10. The habit to lie about small things.

We always want to be good. Sometimes if people cannot create such an impression, some of them prefer to “sugarcoat” their achievements. But the truth will sooner or later be revealed and this will inevitably spoil both the attitude towards a person as well as his own self-esteem — after all, a person understands that his words are a lie.

9. The habit to blame everyone else.

When we shift the blame onto others, we admit that we ourselves are not responsible for our actions. Since it’s couldn’t be us who made a wrong decision or did something wrong, it must be our surroundings that are to blame. This is how we place the responsibility on anyone but ourselves. Not taking responsibility for our actions only harms us in the long run, because convincing ourselves and others that it’s not our fault is mostly just an illusion.

8. The habit to hide your true feelings.

When we hide our feelings, this may mean that we are simply afraid to show them. The reasons may be different but in order to live in harmony with yourself, it is worth analyzing what prevents us from being sincere.

7. The habit to put up with difficulties until it’s too late.

When we keep restraining our feelings for a long time, sooner or later they will splash out, but this will happen with far more destructive consequences than if we hadn’t brought ourselves to the boiling point.

6. The habit to complain and take offense.

There are people who are always dissatisfied with everything around them. Any interaction with them brings about a strong desire to leave as quickly as possible. What should you do if you yourself like to complain? At first, consider the reasons you feel the need to do it? To get empathy from others? Or because you’re afraid to stand out? Either way, this habit won’t help you develop self-confidence.

5. The habit of living beyond your means.

If we spend more money than we can afford, we drive ourselves into a vicious circle. It’s better to analyze your income and refrain from making rash purchases. Look for options to improve your financial situation if it doesn’t suit you instead of looking for options where to borrow money.

4. The habit to always prove something.

When you constantly disagree with someone else’s opinion, sooner or later it will alienate others from you. After all, even if you are always right, other people also have the right to their opinion. And some things are sometimes better visible from the other side.

3. The habit to make everything perfect.

Perfectionism (the desire for the ideal) is wonderful but it’s also the reverse side of neurosis. After all, “ideal” is a subjective concept and it is up to us to decide what is ideal for us and what is not.

2. The habit to put things off.

When we keep putting our life off, it can unnoticeably pass us by.

1. The habit to sacrifice yourself.

There is a stereotype in our society that sacrificing one’s interests is noble and sublime. However, this is fundamentally wrong because if we always devalue our own needs, others will start to do it too and it can lead to the development of low self-esteem. You should start loving yourself and the desire to sacrifice will disappear right away.

Bonus: Treasure everything you have in life.

People tend to underestimate the things that they already have in their lives especially if they happen on a daily basis. While aspiring for more, we often forget to enjoy the things and people that surround us. Remember to appreciate what you have and don’t take things that deserve most of your gratitude for granted.

Are you aware of any other small details that can have undesirable consequences in the future? Please share them in the comments!

Illustrated by Mariya Zavolokina for BrightSide.me