While some scientists are arguing about whether it’s possible to develop your intelligence level over the course of your life or whether you are limited by your genes, others are working on solving more pressing problems. They found out how to at least look smarter than we really are.

Bright Side made a list of the most effective and simple ways to give the impression that you are smart.

Work on your appearance

We have a tendency to think that attractive people are smarter than others. This is a stereotype that’s turned out to be true, according to the studies of the psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa.

According to Kanazawa, beautiful people are perfect in a genetic way. They are more attractive on the outside and they are smarter. This superiority has been forming for ages, that’s why everyone feels it at a subconscious level.

It’s very easy to deceive the public. Get a haircut that highlights the features of your face, visit a dentist to fix and whiten your teeth. And, use cosmetics to make your face look more symmetrical.

Don’t ignore the first impression

It’s believed that people are judged by their clothes. According to the scientific work of a team at Coastal Carolina University, the first impression made by a well-dressed person is remembered longer. Maybe this happens because the people around us just see us differently, or maybe because it really helps us feel more confident and show our best side.

Don’t be afraid of making eye contact

In some cultures, it’s not okay to make eye contact. But if you are not talking to someone who has this cultural tradition, you absolutely have to maintain eye contact. According to the research done by professor Nora A. Murphy, eye contact makes you look like an open and confident person.

If that doesn’t work, just put on…

…thick-framed glasses

A team of scientists from the University of Vienna shared their results from an unusual study. We all know the magical effect of glasses — they make any face look more intelligent. But, as it turns out, there is a connection between the thickness of the frame and the power of influence. So, if you want to look smarter, you need a thicker frame.

Speak clearly

The American physicist Leonard Mlodinow believes that a certain manner of speaking helps create the impression of being a smart person, even if you aren’t. You should speak clearly and not make long dramatic pauses. Don’t use special terminology if you aren’t sure that the person will understand you, because they might think that you are doing it on purpose to make them look stupid. Want to look like a smart person? Be a nice person!

…and smile

According to the results of a study conducted at the Charles University in Prague, people who smile don’t just seem nicer, but also seem smarter than those who don’t. However, this is mostly true for men. Maybe, it’s because women smile more often anyway, or because when women smile, some people think that they aren’t very smart.

Text so that you are easily understood

Nowadays, when texting has become much more popular than any other kind of communication, the ability to express your thoughts clearly and correctly is becoming more important than eloquence.

A Princeton University team has made an interesting study which has shown the connection between the simplicity of written texts and the reputation of the author. As it turnes out, the more simple the text, the smarter the author seems.

Use charts in your speech

Charts will make your text seem more scientific. It doesn’t matter that some people can’t even read charts. What matters is the effect carts have on people. A Cornwell University team has come to the conclusion that text with charts convinces readers more than text without them. They make readers trust the author more and think that the author is a talented person.

Walk like everyone else

Thanks to this unusual study, we know that people who walk faster or slower than others are not considered very smart. And there are reasons for that. Such people break the rhythm of other people, they cause falls, coffee spills on clothes, and create bad moods. If you don’t want to look stupid, walk like everybody else.

Make jokes and appreciate other people’s humor

If you at least react to other people’s jokes, you’re already considered smart. And if having the ability to make jokes is a nice bonus, then reacting to other people’s jokes is a necessity.

If you have your own ideas about outward signs of higher intelligence, share them in the comment section below!

It’s well-known that in Switzerland there are reliable banks, a lot of chocolate, and the Swiss Alps mountain range where cows give the best milk in the world. But these are not the most amazing things that you will discover about Switzerland. Do you know that this country has the most liberal gun laws, that bribes are legal, and that fines are based on your income? And these are not even the strangest things.

We at Bright Side have collected 10 facts which will show Switzerland from a totally unexpected side.

1. The country without a capital and a president

There is no president or capital of Switzerland, but there are 4 official languages in the country. The citizens have the right to cancel any law that the parliament passes and there have never been any racial conflicts in Switzerland.

2. The most liberal law about guns

Many people think that Switzerland is the country of pacifists because it remains neutral in any military conflict. But this is not entirely true. The military service for men there is obligatory and it starts at the age of 18. The biggest part of the male population is in the army reserve, that’s why men have weapons at home and are ready to use them at any moment.

There are 8 million people in the country and 4 million guns (that’s 50 guns for every 100 people). However, the crime rate in Switzerland is one of the lowest in the world. And alcohol is sold only until 10:00 p.m.

3. Bribes in this country are totally legal

In 2017, Switzerland took the 3rd place in the rating of the countries which actively fight bribery. What’s curious is that Switzerland decided to make bribery “legal” in a form of payment for a specific service. They thought that it would be more effective than fighting bribery.

4. Fines depend on your income

In Switzerland, you could have to pay the biggest fine in the world for speeding. A local car driver was driving at 180 miles per hour and he received a 650 thousand euro fine.

The thing is, the fines in this country are not fixed, and they depend on the amount of money that you earn. The more you earn, the more you pay. This is how they perceive justice in Switzerland.

5. Chocolate is the most exported product

6. The Swiss army knife is from Rome

The Swiss army knife appeared at the end of the 19th century, but actually, it has an even earlier prototype. In one of the Cambridge museums, you’ll find a universal tool which was created in Ancient Rome. It includes a spoon, a fork, a blade, a toothpick, a spatula, and (which is the strangest thing) a special spike to get the meat out of a shrimp shell.

The only part of the Swiss army knife which is not produced in Switzerland is the corkscrew. It’s made in Japan.

7. Santa Claus is accompanied by a strange friend

The Swiss Santa Claus’s name is Samichlaus. He visits children on the 6 December with a huge bag of candy, peanut butter, and tangerines. However, he doesn’t show up alone, he comes accompanied by a scary-looking man with a dark face wearing dark clothes.

This man’s name is Schmutzli which can be translated as “Muddy” — and his job is to hit naughty children with sticks. But the promises to become better next year help children avoid the punishment.

8. Hotel “Null Stern” is an open air hotel

In the Swiss Alps, twin brothers Frank and Patric Riklin, opened a hotel called “Null Stern” in the open air. A night in a “room” without walls and a ceiling costs $300. The hotel is situated at almost 4 thousand feet above sea level. Except for the double bed, there are bedside tables and even a TV.

The coolest part about the hotel rooms is the view of Switzerland right from your bed. Before this, the twin brothers had already created unusual hotels. One of them was in a bomb shelter and the other was in a nuclear bunker.

9. The first leaf on a chestnut tree in Geneva symbolizes spring

In Geneva, for more than 200 years, a special tradition about the coming of spring exists. When the chestnut growing next to the government building in Geneva has it’s first leaf, spring has officially come. Most of the time, spring comes in March, but sometimes, funny things happen, like for example in 2002, the tree had its first leaf on December 29. In 2006, spring came twice: the leaves appeared in March, and then when nobody expected, again in October.

In 2017, spring came on March 11. Almost on schedule.

10. Caring about guinea pigs

The citizens of Switzerland can’t have only one guinea pig as a pet. This is because scientists figured out that these animals are very sad when they are alone and they need company. So, when one guinea pig dies, its owner must buy the other one a friend which means that the owner could have guinea pigs forever. In order to avoid this, there is a special rental service. You can buy a guinea pig at a regular price and return it for half the price at any time.

When it comes to cats, you allowed have one cat only on the condition that it’s allowed to go outside or see other cats from the window. Otherwise, you have to buy two.

Which of the facts amazed you the most? Maybe, you’ve to been to Switzerland and you have some interesting facts to share about this country? Tell us in the comment section below!

The world is full of chaos, that’s why even the smallest demonstrations of harmony are like a breath of fresh air for many of us. Perfectionists have an even more difficult time, so we decided to make them a little bit happier. Enjoy!

Bright Side has collected 20 photographs which are closer than anything to what we call perfection. And at the end of the article, there is a very nice bonus for you.

20. When you have an avocado and a lot of free time.

19. Perfection cubed

18. Small bowls in a big one

17. This slope deserves a song, it’s so amazing!

16. When a coin fell into a puddle:

15. This bench is made from a curled-up paving stone.

14. If you decide to sort your containers, do it this way.

13. When you plumber loves order:

12. An animal who likes straight lines just as much as we do.

11. What do they call these types of people?

10. The gate to the perfectionist’s paradise

9. Don’t ask why there are so many water bottles in the fridge. Just enjoy.

8. Who cares what the scale will show?

7. When you know how to make stuff:

6. Someone did a great job.

5. Perfect woodchip spiral

4. When you are the only perfectionist in your village:

3. This cable management:

2. Just imagine how the vegeterians must feel

1. Cheese shop as art

Bonus: don’t thank us

Tell us which picture held your attention the longest?

Sometimes, life gives us surprises we don’t know how to react to: maybe we should laugh, maybe we should start packing our bags for vacation. We are surrounded by oddities, and internet users share their amazing and funny observations which could change the way we think about this world.

Bright Side has collected 27 funny, amazing, and unusual facts which could change your life forever.

Cats love taking baths but in hats and behind closed doors

This is not a dragon, it’s a real gecko

These are three different movies with Dwayne Johnson

An oak leaf can stain concrete

Owls can sit like this

“Bought the same vitamins in the UK (left) and in Portugal (right). The northern variant has twice the vitamin D of the southern variant.”

“I’ve been able to do this my entire life. My friends think that this is not normal.”

Water makes rabbits skinny.

This is not styrofoam. It’s snow.

Fun fact about Germany:

Cats are scared of pasta.

X-rays were used to record music.

You can never unsee this.

Some bear attacks begin with a polite knock on the door.

Apparently bottled water has to be marked whether it’s vegan or vegetarian

Legos have a skeleton.

Cool cat trick

“I know it’s not the most interesting picture in the world, but here’s the inside of my garbage truck, for all your little kids who’ve wanted to see one.”

This is what an owl’s ear looks like.

Scotch tape makes translucent glass transparent.

Thai police have corgis.

This is another way to break your headphones.

Some cats have thumbs.

This bath soap doesn’t contain gluten.

“I was putting together a turkey sandwich when I noticed something interesting.”

“It’s a house made to look like a boat…made of car windshields!”

Which facts made you laugh and which amazed you? Do you know any fun facts that you can share with other readers? Tell us in the comment section below!

However exhausting winter time can be — there are some corners of the Earth, where you can find a true Winter Wonderland without moving a finger. Just check out Boston under snow or an ice skeleton.

Bright Side took a peak at how people around the world are doing during winter. Some of them are funny, some are astonishing, and some are just bananas. See for yourself!

We still have some snow left in Norway.

Rochester, New York’s snow can catch you off guard, for sure.

Surfers on Lake Michigan are human icicles.

Magical winter nights in London

Hey, at least her wipers aren’t frozen in Hull, England.

My sister’s front door on Plum Island.

MIT Alps are just like real ones, only smaller.

It’s been snowing a little in Boston.

When in Boston: tunnel out of your window.

Japan is still as cool as ever.

This Canadian train must be on a strict diet.

It’s not a bump, it’s a bumper on the road.

I feel like they’re trying to escape winter in Australia.

Great Wall of China has the longest snow trail.

How we celebrate winter in Southern California.

Bonus: It’s nothing like having winter and summer at the same time!

Which country would you absolutely love to see the winter in reality? Please be sure to share with us in the comments and don’t forget to brag about the winter in your town.

While some scientists argue which of the indicators is more important — the intelligence quotient (IQ) or emotional intelligence (EQ) — others conduct more comprehensive research to understand how some factors including appearance and behavior can influence a person’s intellectual abilities. And they come up with very unexpected conclusions. It turns out that your height, weight, finger length and even eye color can show the level of your intelligence.

At Bright Side, we want to share with you 12 signs to look for to help spot a gifted person and to find out if you have some of these traits. Maybe a great genius lives within you! However, if these characteristics don’t match your personality, don’t worry — there’s an exception to every rule.

12. You prefer to spend time alone rather than with a noisy group of friends.

Smart people don’t need a large circle of friends to have a good time. The research conducted by Norman Li and Satoshi Kanazawa called, “How intelligence, population density, and friendship affect modern happiness” shows that intelligent people enjoy spending time alone while socializing is more likely to tire them than give them pleasure.

Intelligent people also tend to talk out loud to themselves. This is a sign of advanced intelligence, not madness!

11. You learned how to read at an early age.

The fact that some children learn how to read at an early age doesn’t makes them intelligent by default. On the contrary, British scientists, Stuart J. Richie, Timothy C. Bates and Robert Plomin, believe that reading itself makes these children smarter.

It’s quite obvious: the earlier you studied the alphabet, the more books you’ve managed to read and the broader your horizons are. Of course, this applies to people whose reading experience is diverse and is not limited to only one genre or author.

10. You are an older sibling.

Scientists from Edinburgh University have proved that older children almost always have a small but statistically significant advantage in terms of IQ: it’s usually 3 points higher. It turned out that this difference is connected not to biological or genetic factors, but to the psychological interaction between parents and children.

However, it is worth noting that Dmitri Mendeleev was the youngest of 17 siblings. However, this did not stop him from creating the periodic table of elements and leaving his mark in history.

9. Your height is above average.

Princeton study conducted by Anne Case and Christina Paxson showed that taller children often earn more points on IQ tests and are more well-off in adulthood . For example, Steve Jobs’s height was 6’2 ft.

This tendency can be seen in early childhood: fast-growing 3-year-olds do better on different tests than their shorter peers.

8. You used to attend a music school.

Glenn Schellenberg’s study shows that children who attended two different types of music lessons (keyboard or voice) for 9 months had a higher IQ level in comparison to those who had only drama classes or skipped any activities.

In 2013, Glenn Schellenberg even suggested that high IQ is the main reason why these kids decided to pick up music in the first place.

7. You don’t suffer from obesity.

The research conducted in 2006 showed a strong correlation between body mass index and cognitive function. People whose BMI was above average showed lower IQ results in comparison with other groups. French scientists analyzed data from 2,200 respondents for 5 years and came to the conclusion that waist circumference is directly connected with high IQ levels.

This probably happens because people with high IQ tend to have a higher income and can afford to undergo regular medical checkups and take a good care of their health.

6. But you don’t really enjoy working out.

During an experiment, American scientists, Todd McElroy and David L. Dickinson found out that people who prefer intellectual work are less active, and conversely, those who have a lower need for cognition are more into working out. People with advanced intelligence prefer activities that require perseverance and intense mental effort, such as playing chess.

Taking into account the previous point, we get in a vicious circle: a low-active way of life leads to overweight that has a negative impact on IQ. So it is necessary to recognize that a healthy lifestyle balance is a must.

5. You have blue eyes.

Joanna Rowe, a professor at the University of Louisville, claims that blue-eyed people tend to have a higher IQ level in comparison to people with darker eyes. Many genius people like Stephen Hawking for example, had blue eyes. However, brown-eyed people shouldn’t worry too much, they have their strengths as well.

People with light-colored eyes can handle difficult situations by taking their time concentrating and making a rational decision, while dark-eyed people show great results when fast reaction time is needed.

4. You’re overly sensitive to sounds.

Creaking floors, chips crunching and even loud breathing — these common daily noises can be distracting factors for people with a high IQ. Scientists from the University of Helsinki conducted a study which showed a strong connection between the ability of a person to find unconventional solutions to problems and the inability to ignore ambient noise.

There is even a real diagnosis for such a condition called misophony. People with misophony have changes in brain activity when, for example, a person crunches chips next to them.

3. Your ring finger is longer than your index finger.

A Norwegian physician, Karl Pinsk, described the method of determining the inclinations of a person based on the ratio of the length of his fingers. According to the observation, the longer the ring finger is, the better the owner can deal with math problems, however, verbal assignments can be a challenge.

Researcher, John Coates of Cambridge University, found out that a person’s success in the financial world can be predicted by the length of his fingers. It turned out that people whose ring fingers were longer than their index fingers had a higher income.

2. You often feel anxiety and are inclined to panic.

Psychologists, Tsachi Ein-Dor and Organ-Tal from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (Israel), conducted a study in which they proved that smart people are more prone to pessimism as they come up with various unpleasant situations that can happen to them in their heads. They argue that intellectuals get used to analyzing the events of the past and accordingly, pay more attention to the possible events in the future.

On the one hand, intelligent people are better prepared for possible difficulties in life while on the other hand, they’re forced to live with constant stress. Do you remember Clever Elsie from the Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tale? It was not easy for her to live with such advanced intelligence!

1. You swear a lot.

It may sound strange, but the use of abusive words indicates high intellect. Most likely, intelligent people have mastered their vocabulary and use a wide range of words to express their emotions in the most accurate way.

Until recently, there was a popular misconception that the obscene words were most used by poorly educated people because they simply didn’t have a broad vocabulary. But the study conducted by psychologists from Marist College, supervised by Timothy and Christine Jay, showed the opposite: the more educated a person was, the more often he would swear.

Did you recognize yourself in these points? What factors can also influence person’s intelligence? Share with us in the comments!

Photoshop is the magic wand of modern times. It lets professionals create real masterpieces and nobody doubts that their photos are real. However, sometimes inexperienced artists use photoshop to create pictures while leaving small errors that go unnoticed until they’re published on the covers of popular magazines.

There are theories suggesting that once upon a time, Earth was inhabited by giants. These photos show people who accidentally found themselves in their world on an otherwise usual day.

Bright Side has collected 29 hilarious pictures that accurately illustrate Gulliver’s Travels.

1. Goldilocks and The Three Bears in modern times.

2. The power lines next to this fork look like spaghetti.

3. We want to see the Christmas tree these fit on!

4. This cabbage could feed a family of 10 for a week.

5. When it comes to pizza, more is always better!

6. Can’t you hear this baby whispering, “My precious”?

7. Oops! Someone forgot their clothespin.

8. The fairytales were right! Giants do live in the clouds.

9. Just the right serving for a man… or no?

10. We bet the BFG could eat ten of these!

11. Just what we needed on Friday night!

12. We’re not sure we want to see the monster truck these are meant to go on.

13. A human’s TV screen is a giant’s tablet.

14. “Wait, wait! We wanna go home!”

15. The swords of gods.

16. A couple of these leaves would make great clothes.

17. No woman would refuse this chest of drawers full of clothes!

18. When your vegetable garden gives you presents.

19. A huge book full of kitties can make anyone smile.

20. We hope they didn’t catch this toy’s owner bathing!

21. Remember your childhood dreams of having a treehouse? This tree can make it a reality.

22. A game with this thing would feel like an earthquake.

23. We knew heaven existed!

24. At least you always know what you have.

25. Giant sequoias don’t belong in our world.

26. Giants also have wars.

27. Imagine if you saw a flower of the same size!

28. “Oh my gosh! A perfect cart for beer!”

29. “…and since then she’s been asking for a horse.”

Which pic did you like the most? Do you believe giants exist? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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