What if you Can’t Log into Windows?

In case, you’re unable to boot into Windows and login to test the repairs that are presented, then boot into advanced startup choices (Safe Mode).

Method 1: Do Nothing!

Yes, you read it properly. Do nothing. Sometimes, the kernel security check may be temporary and may only occur once in a blue moon. So, there is no use looking for a cure for the problem that does not exist at the first site.

Consequently, in case your PC just announced after demonstrating kernel security check Blue screen of death error, then devote your private computer an extra opportunity before you try any of these fixes supplied below.

How To Boot Into Safe Mode?

Nearly all the cases the kernel security check failure malfunction happens due to a faulty, corrupted or obsolete program or driver installed on your computer.

To encounter this what you are able to do is boot to Safe Mode and see if the error occurs or not. If the error doesn’t occur in Safe Mode, then you’ve to find the offender driver or program that is causing the malfunction.

Notice: it may be a hardware that is causing this error too. Hardware, by way of instance, USB Bluetooth/WiFi Adapters, RAM Sticks etc might be the primary reason for these mistakes.

Furthermore, unplug each the external apparatus in the PCs USB interfaces. Also, examine each USB port one. From time to time, even only a faulty USB port can cause this error.

Method 2: Check/Update Drivers

The frequent supply of kernel security check collapse error in Windows computer is the brand-new buggy or the elderly outdated drivers that you have installed.

Thus, have a little time and think if you’ve recently updated any of your drivers such as image card driver or establish a new upgrade.

In case the problem started after upgrading a driver, then now’s your time to rollback to the old version of this driver. Do the following to roll back a driver in Windows 10.

Open Control Panel and Click Hardware and Sound.

Under Devices and Printers, click Device Manager. If asked to provide administrator access, do it.

In the Device Manager window, right-click on the device for which you’ve updated the driver recently and select Properties.

From the Properties window, then click Driver tab.

Repair “Kernel safety test failure” error in Windows 10

Click the Rollback driver follow the onscreen instructions to complete the rollback process.

   Establish Default Graphic Card

In case the problem happens whenever you’re doing picture intensive jobs such as using Adobe Photoshop, AI, PP or playing games then try to set your main graphic card since the default alternative.

Occasionally once you’ve got two picture cards, Intel HD and dedicated GPU, the basic safety check failure error sometimes happens while playing games or using Photoshop etc.. .

To do this see Windows >> Program (Program Files) >> Adobe >> Photoshop >>find the photoshop.exe program. Right-click onto it and select “Run with Graphic Processor“.

Then click Change defaultoption, and it’ll begin your own Graphic card control panel.

Select your own dedicated image card as default and click Employ.

Method 3: Check your Anti-Virus

Even though the Anti-Virus software was designed to safeguard your PC, it can cause problems sometimes. Numerous those BSOD error was solved simply by minding the Antivirus.

So, uninstall your present Anti-Virus and place into a fresh new one from various makers. Furthermore, check if a new version of the exact same Anti-Virus is extended in case that you don’t want to alter your anti virus.

Method 4: Remove your RAM Stick

This fix may not seem very convincing, but it may work sometimes. If your Laptop has two RAM sticks then remove one of them and determine if the Kernel security check collapse error appears.

The best strategy to do this is to use the inbuilt Windows Memory Foam tool. The program will check for errors linked with memory on your computer.

In the Cortana/Search pub type Windows Memory Diagnostic and follow the onscreen directions.

If your Laptop came with one RAM stick and you’ve added another to expand the memory, keep the first one and boot. If necessary, you may need to change your RAM stick also.

Method 5: Roll Back Into A Ahead Build

Would you lately set up a new Windows 10 build? A variety of these Windows 10 users are facing the kernel security check collapse error after installing a brand new Windows 10 build. Consequently, if you’re one of those, then it’s likely to get hold of your prior build without a lot of hassle.

Windows 10 will Permit one to roll back into a preceding build within 30 days of installing a new build.

To do this, see Settings >> Update and Security >> Recovery >> return to a Previously Construct and Click Get Started.

When it’s been around 30 instances, then there is no use in going back to the last build, because that may not be the principal reason for the malfunction.

But, it’s likely to uninstall recent updates for standalone apps and characteristics within Windows 10. In the event you’ve downloaded any update for Windows 10 (not build) and you also feel that may have induced kernel security check failure error, then do this.

Proceed to Control Panel >> Programs >> Programs and Characteristics >> View Installed Updates .

Click on any recently installed Windows updates and click Uninstall. This can uninstall the upgrade.

Repair “Kernel safety test failure” error in Windows 10

Method 6: Check for New Windows Update

Microsoft releases updates every few months to Windows 10 and keeping your PC upgraded to the latest compatible version is advised.

Notice: Always be sure you read about the upgrade and complaints regarding the same before you place in any substantial new upgrade from Microsoft.

You are able to check for any pending updates by seeing Settings >> Update and Security >> Windows Update and download any updates if available.

Method 7: Scan for Hard Disk Errors

You might even try scanning your PCs hard disk for potential errors. Open Command Prompt and enter the following command:

Chkdsk /f C:

Method 8: Change / Clean Install Windows 10

If nothing seems functioning, think about resetting your Windows 10 PC. You can either reset only the tastes without deleting any files and folders, or you can completely reset eliminating everything.

To reset your PC head to, Putting >> Update and Security >> Recovery >> Reset which PC and click Get Started.

Next select your option to save all files or delete all of.

Sterile Install — As the prior step to repair the kernel security check failure mistake, you are able to wash set up Windows 10. The excellent thing is that it’s functioned for a few users. A new install can do wonders occasionally.

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How often do you think about whether or not certain ways of raising kids are useful or not? How often do you update them according to the reality of modern-day life? Almost everyone follows the rules that their own parents taught them like, “study well”, “be responsible”, and “you’ll become a boss if you work hard”.

But some child psychologists propose that we start to prepare our kids for the future the day before yesterday, instead of tomorrow.

Bright Side was really surprised by the irrelevance of some older parental advice and want to find out if we really need to get rid of some of these dated principles once and for all.

7. You have to save money.

The main word of advice from our parents and grandparents almost makes no sense today. You can save money during a short period of time, while a long-term bank deposit is a rather doubtful variant. Apparently, you’ll get the opposite result of saving money when you do this. Of course, it’s good to have some money in reserve but it’s even better when your savings work for you.

In the modern world, money should be invested prudently, and not everyone knows how to do it. That’s why the financial planning basics are useful for everybody.

6. If you want to do something, do it as good as possible.

This is one of the most persistent pieces of advice that people follow from generation to generation.

But if we look at a school student’s day, we’ll see that they have to do lots of things. And the only one possible way to get it all done is to decide what should be done really well, what may be reviewed, and what can be cheated.

Well, if you do everything well, how can you do anything just perfectly?

This skill of “effort division” is incredibly useful in adult life when it comes to having to divide time and effort between work, family, hobbies, and other important things.

5. You have to work hard to achieve success.

You say such things but your child sees other examples of people like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and other successful people that didn’t have to endure jobs they hated to achieve their goals. They just did what they wanted, adored their ideas, and got fantastic results.

There are also people who put in no effort to gain success but are just lucky anyway.

Success and hard work aren’t synonymous — it’s actually the opposite: the more you work in a place you don’t like, the lower the odds are for you to achieve success there.

4. You have to accumulate more knowledge.

“How come you don’t know that?” we exclaim when a child can’t say who Anne Frank is. This kind of knowledge won’t influence a child’s future at all. In fact, this information can easily be found on the Internet.

However, the ability to find information quickly, check its accuracy and manage time are incredibly valuable. That’s what parents should teach their children.

General knowledge is great but it’s hardly applicable in real life.

3. A reliable job is a must.

So many kids’ dreams are ruined because of this rule. Some parents are known to say, “Books and poetry?! It’s foolish. An accountant is a more worthy profession!” But in 10-15 years the necessity and importance of a chosen job can change.

The world is so changeable nowadays. Only those who embrace these changes and are flexible can achieve success.

2. Career advancement is an indicator of success.

Lots of people don’t know that there is not just vertical career growth (worker to manager, to director and so on), but horizontal career growth as well.

There are so many examples of horizontal career growth like in the case of successful Internet account users that become popular because of sewing, drawing, and woodwork skills, for example.

Nowadays, any hobby can become a job and personal development is becoming one of the most important things to a career.

If a kid isn’t very interested in math but draws very well, maybe we should encourage them more instead of hiring math tutors and teachers?

1. Making a kid the center of the universe.

You also should remember that you don’t have to guard your kid too much. If you want them to become an independent and self-sustained person, let them make decisions and care for themselves more on their own.

If you always try to protect your kid, they won’t be able to face reality and overcome difficulties on their own because they won’t know how to do it.

In some cases, such preoccupation and concern have the opposite effect: when kids grow up, they escape from their caring parents as they want to have freedom. But they still don’t know how to plunge into the real world without help, so it becomes a problem in any case.

Let’s change the outdated principles!

Specialists claim that we need to have these certain skills to be successful in modern life:

  • A high communication level instead of a “sit down and listen!” mentality.
  • An ability to cooperate, be a team player and collaborate with others on different projects.
  • Have creativity and an ability to think outside the box.
  • Develop critical thinking skills that help them survive in the real world.

Are you ready to change your views on child rearing? Or do you think there are timeless teachings that will always be useful? Share your opinion with us.

Illustrated by Natalia Kulakova for BrightSide.me

Not a day goes by without watching the news replete with negativity. The press informs us about everything that is happening in the world including disasters and tragedies. Fortunately, there are many things around us that give us reason to believe the world is a lot better than we may think it is.

Bright Side wants to share only kind and positive things with all of you. We have gathered a bunch of happy facts and great news to prove all is not lost.

1. Snow leopards are no longer endangered.

In September 2017, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources excluded snow leopards, also called ounce, from the list of endangered species. An animal is considered endangered if its number is less than 2,500 species. Today, there are more than 7,500 snow leopards that inhabit Russia, Central, and South Asia.

2. Liechtenstein sent off 80 soldiers to war, and 81 returned.

In 1886, Liechtenstein sent off 80 soldiers to the last war the country participated in. They all returned home safely and brought back one soldier with them. In fact, they picked up an Italian soldier that many of them became friends with.

3. A squirrel uses its tail as an umbrella.

Many squirrels use their tails to cover themselves in case of bad weather. For example, they turn their bushy tail into an umbrella when it’s snowing.

4. A blood donation center sends kind messages to its donors.

Blood donation centers in different countries like Russia and Switzerland notify their blood donors when their blood was used or if it saved someone’s life by sending them messages.

5. There is a penguin in the Norwegian army holding the rank of Colonel-in-Chief.

Sir Nils Olav is a king penguin. He lives in Edinburgh Zoo and serves as a mascot and Brigadier of the Norwegian King’s Guard. He also holds the rank of Colonel-in-Chief, and in 2008 he was given knighthood. What have you done with your life?

6. Bhutan’s well-being is determined by the index of gross national happiness.

While other countries stress about their gross domestic product — a monetary measure of well-being — people in Bhutan value spiritual indicators. This is the state philosophy: “People’s happiness is more important than the index of the gross domestic product,” said the former King Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

7. Sea otters hold hands in the water.

Sea otters hold hands while they sleep to keep from floating away from each other. Sea otters have a special pouch where they store their food. They can also put their favorite shell in it.

8. In Germany, it’s forbidden to put pets to sleep without a good reason.

In German shelters, pets aren’t put to sleep only because the owners returned them. Cats, dogs, and even exotic animals live in good conditions, enjoying the care of the staff and volunteers. They wait for their new owners to take them home. Almost 90% of the shelter animals get adopted.

9. Japanese macaques have snowball fights for fun.

Not only have they adapted to snow, but they’ve also they learned to enjoy winter time. Macaques are very perky and agile and they love having snow fights with each other.

10. Musician Billy Joel gives away front row tickets for free.

Billy Joel doesn’t sell the front row tickets to his concerts for sky-high prices. The musician confesses that he doesn’t like seeing rich people in front of him who may not even know his music. Most of them seem to have an “entertain me, piano man” kind of attitude. He prefers to give away the tickets to his true fans instead who sincerely love him, but can’t afford to buy an expensive ticket.

11. A Japanese diver has a 25-year-long friendship with a fish.

25 years ago, Diver Hiroyuki Arakawa saved a fish from death during one of his dives. He named the fish Yoriko. Almost 30 years later, Yoriko seems to remember its savior, and when the man dives into the sea the fish approaches him for a friendly kiss.

12. Italian teenagers receive money from the government for culturally enriching pursuits.

Since 2016, every 18-year-old teenager in Italy can use a €500 “culture bonus”. The money should be spent on a cultural education: attending theatres, concerts, museums, buying books, etc. They can have access to the money after they download an app on their phone or PC.

13. Dolphins know each other’s names.

Dolphins are able to call each other by name. Of course, they sound nothing like our names, but rather like different whistling sounds. Every species can recognize its own unique sound.

14. The Beatles used the word “love” 613 times in their songs.

15. Buy a mattress and receive a mini-mattress for your dog for free.

A Mexican mattress store gives you a tiny dog-sized mattress when you buy a regular one.

16. A Japanese man single-handedly feeds forbidden Fukushima animals.

Naoto Matsumura lives in the town, Tomioka. Before the Fukushima nuclear disaster, almost 16,000 people used to live here, but now he’s all alone. His house doesn’t have electricity or a water supply, but he refuses to leave. Naoto takes care of dozens of forbidden dogs, cats, and horses. He is their only hope for survival.

Bonus: If you still have doubts about how good our world is, here’s our final argument:

What story cheered you up the most? Share your stories and opinions in the comments.

10 Free Tips That You Pay Psychologists to Tell You

Research shows that psychologists from Switzerland have the highest salary in this field. In this country, their average wage is $88,304. However, the recommendations you’ll get from expensive specialists don’t differ from the tips that you can get from those in another country. And if you ask a person who’s just come out of a psychologist’s office what they learned, you’ll probably hear one of the 10 following answers. And it’s not because they just don’t have these problems, these answers are simply suitable for most people. So why should you pay tons of money if you can find the answers you need on your own?

Bright Side is pleased to share some of the most popular pieces of advice you’ll hear in a psychologist’s office. And though these tips work with many clients, there are some situations when an individual approach during a personal consultation is needed.

10. The majority of your problems come from childhood. Just look at your parents.

How did your parents behave? What were their motives? There are so many theories that explain why our problems stem from our childhood. If you figure out and understand why parents did this or that thing, you’ll be able to forgive them and take a huge step toward accepting yourself as you are.

9. Other problems are in your head.

Inner dialogue like, “I should have answered in a different way” or “He did it because…” are absolutely useless. We can’t explain other people’s actions: they grew up in a different atmosphere and had their own experiences that differ from yours. That’s why when you try to understand someone else’s reasons to act in this or that way, you face problems that you create.

8. Speak more about your feelings, don’t assess people.

  • “I suffer because of what you’ve done to me.”
  • “What have I done?”

How can we avoid assessing a situation? When you accuse a person of something, they try to protect themselves. And if you express your feelings, you give them a chance to fix the situation, preserving their dignity or the opportunity to explain their opinion.

7. Care more about yourself and care less about people’s assessments.

Comparing yourself to others is a bad and useless habit to have. Like we said before, everyone has their own knowledge and finances, their own physical shape and personal qualities, desires, and achievements. If we are inspired by someone’s ideas, that’s great — we form our own desires and aims. But if we copy a person’s life, we destroy our own life that we’re supposed to enjoy.

6. Escape your comfort zone.

This tip is good for all spheres of life. If you want to find a husband, meet people, change your job, pass more job interviews, find your passion, take up something that’s interesting to you; all you need to do it is leave your comfort zone.

5. Set boundaries and don’t let anyone trespass them.

In most cases, psychologists’ clients try to find resolution in their interactions with other people, like in the mother-in-law that always annoys them, an angry boss, or pesky teenage kids. And the advice given in these types of situations is to set boundaries to 50% of the problems solved. If you endure someone’s bad attitude, nothing will change. But if you protect your boundaries, your opponent will at least start to respect you.

4. Each day, take a small step forward.

A habit forms in 20 days and sets in your mind for 20 days as well. Psychologists know about such workings in our brains and recommend us to always take a step forward. This means if you can’t say, “thank you” to your husband, for example, write down all his good actions every day, and after thanking him for those, you’ll see that he’s not that bad.

3. Think about the experience you gained thanks to this situation.

Each stressful situation means you’ve come out of your comfort zone. It also means that you’ve gained a new experience that will help you to remember it so that you don’t get stuck in the same situation in the future. If you were late for work and didn’t get an annual reward, the direct relation is obvious here. And if you want to build good relationships with people, you have to think about everything so that you understand what should be done and how you can solve issues.

2. Let the situation go.

When you try to change something, don’t overdo it. If you have some family issues and you know what should be changed, change it yourself and don’t make other family members do it for you. You also can change yourself and let the situation go or you can force your family to do what you want and help sustain an unstable atmosphere. The choice is up to you.

1. Don’t be your torturer, be a friend.

You should be ready to admit defeat and accept that you can’t influence everything. Don’t think about things over and over again and don’t consider the time you spend working things out as wasted. If you stop for a while, it means that you recall past experiences and you’re ready to choose the right direction to move in.

Which of these tips were useful to you? Share your thoughts with us.

Designers and artists are creative people and very often they have their own unique views that not everyone understands. That’s probably how these masterpieces, that make us laugh and cry at the same time, came to life. Well, let’s have a look.

Bright Side gathered 23 design “solutions” that will make most of us cringe.

Dishes with ants. Are you still hungry?

How about the width of this shower entrance?

A nice Easter picture to color

The most confusing faucet

Extreme wheelchairing

“Oh, thank you for adding this much needed gripping point.”

A criminal that the Warwickshire police tried to find.

This Sponge Bob will visit me in my nightmares.

An advertising poster that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The circle on this volume control isn’t centered on the line.

Where do I throw away my food?

“My textbook has a video for me to watch.”

Why did they need to photoshop a trashcan?

Stairs to the ceiling

Very strange logo

“Neither drawer can open completely.”

Where is the handle?

What’s the time? 4:30 or 4:33?

No comment here

“The old packaging trick.”

“Big packaging for 4 small pieces.”


Here’s the only parking spot that’s not taken.

And have you ever seen anything like this? Do you have pictures? Share with us!

Some people are lucky enough to find treasure, while others always seem to find something so weird, it’s hard to know whether they are lucky to have found it or not. Look at these photos from the following Internet users and decide for yourself.

Bright Side put together 24 photos of findings that seem to have quite a story behind them.

“This log accessorized with pennies I found while hiking.”

“My dad and brother found this little fatty stuck in a tree while golfing. They had to wiggle him out by his little legs but they saved him.”

“My book mysteriously skips 65 pages.”

“My grandmother found this note inside this shell in Virginia, the shell is from Galveston, Texas.”

“Mulder found the biggest pine cone he’s ever seen! He was so proud of himself as he pulled it out of a bush to show me.”

“I found some treasure while clearing out my old room at my parents’ house.”

“Found a hummingbird nest in my lemon tree!”

“Dropped a frog lawn decoration only to discover two snowmen inside of it.”

“These rocks I found outside my house were perfectly contained in plastic.”

Spring has come, and the first snowdrops showed up.

“Got home from vacation to find a yellow pages book at my door being eaten my snails.”

“I found this weird quarter in the middle of the woods in East Sussex, England.”

After a weekend storm in New England, a puffer fish was found in a tree.

“I found a Mercedes in the attic!”

“I’ve found a rock with a skeleton of a fish that was alive millions of years ago!”

An orange turtle found in the Vietnamese jungle.

“Check out this shark’s tooth I found. It’s just a little bigger than my beer can.”

“Some dude cooking meat in his parked car.”

“Found a Cold War-era bomb shelter in the backyard of a house I recently bought.”

“Found this at a local high school.”

This is a “sea pickle”, a blob of pyrosomes that lives in the ocean. This one was caught off the East Australian coast.

A driveway full of bread.

“Yesterday, I found 15 four-leaf clovers and 3 five-leaf clovers in the same patch.”

“Strange, sticky particles only visible through a flashing camera are nearly impossible to scrub off.”

Which weird findings have you happened to discover? Tell us in the comments below.

Scarlett O’Hara used to say, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” And sometimes she was mistaken. There are many things that we do in the morning like taking a shower, but research shows that it’s actually better to do them in the evening. And there’s a bonus in the end that explains how we can get good sleep with the help of a pencil.

Bright Side gathered 12 things that we should do at night to make our morning much brighter and better.

12. Eating meat or cottage cheese

If you don’t eat a few hours before you go to bed, you won’t sleep well. It’s good to eat some meat or cottage cheese because both products contain a lot of protein and tryptophan (the amino acid that contributes to good sleep). A large portion of vegetables is not a good alternative because you may get bloated.

  • Hunger often causes insomnia and if you go to bed without having dinner you’ll probably need a large breakfast. Besides, it’s difficult to sleep when your stomach keeps growling.

11. Walking

Take a stroll before going to bed. It will help you “step over” all the worries of the day. You can enjoy silence and think about things that bother you. Also, evening strolls are proven to be good for health and they help cope with insomnia.

  • New ideas or extraordinary solutions to problems may come to your mind while you walk. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, like evening walks.

10. Thinking over (and writing down) an action plan for the upcoming day

Darren Hardy, the author of a book called The Compound Effect, is sure that making your plans at night contributes to keeping your life in order. We usually make plans in the morning when we’re in a hurry and, as a result, we forget about important things or take on more responsibility than we can actually deal with. Thorough planning will help you to stay calm in the morning and perform all necessary actions step-by-step without wasting precious time and energy.

  • Your daily schedule doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. It just means that your day will run smoother and it will be harder to take you off course.

9. Airing out you room

Human being’s bodies contain white fat. Very often this fat shows up where we don’t want it to appear the most. But there’s another kind of fat called brown fat. It’s involved in the body’s thermoregulation and acts as a source of energy. Various tests prove that white fat can transform into brown as a result of the cold temperature effect that improves metabolism.

  • We can open a window in our bedroom at night to cool the air. You don’t have to keep it open until you freeze, but just letting the cool air in is enough to make brown fat work faster and consume more energy, even while you sleep.

8. Preparing your lunch and outfit in advance

If you have everything prepared, it will save your time and nerves in the morning. You’ll avoid the torturous decision making, you’ll be sure that what you want to wear is ready to go, and you’ll have at leat 15 minutes to spare that you can spend on a light workout or a cup of coffee.

  • You could also have your lunch prepared in the evening if you usually eat in the office. Think about everything in advance: an empty fridge won’t give you any extra energy or put you in a good mood.

7. Doing yoga and meditating

We often miss morning exercises because of the lack of time. But it’s the evening yoga that helps put our thoughts and emotions in order, relieving tension, and getting us ready to greet the next day. Nowadays, the mindfulness practice of meditation is very popular. Spend at least 10 minutes on a couple of simple exercises before you go to bed.

  • Lots of people can’t meditate because there are so many obtrusive thoughts in their heads and so much noise around. In this case, it’s important to concentrate your attention on your inner awareness. Lie down, close your eyes, and think about each part of your body: concentrating on it and relaxing it. It’ll be way easier for you to fall asleep after this exercise.

6. Taking hot shower or bath

A hot shower in the morning isn’t the best choice because the hot temperature is actually a sleep aid. It does more good if you have it at night because this change in body temperature creates an impulse in our body to fall asleep faster. A warm tub is actually a great way to cope with insomnia.

  • A hot shower or bath before bed has so many benefits: it calms nerves, cleans clogged pores, stabilizes the glucose level in blood, relaxes the backbone, and it’s very important after a long work day in the office.

5. Reading something you want to remember

Scientists from the University of Sussex proved that reading is the best way to relax because plunging into a different world helps in getting rid of the stress from daily problems better than both tea and music. You only need to spend 6 minutes with a book to reduce your anxiety level and relax the muscles.

  • Your brain memorizes everything better at night. This fact actually helps students who study at night to pass their exams. No smartphones or laptops: use ordinary books to avoid problems caused by the screen light.

4. Eating a kiwi to sleep well

Many people prefer to eat fruit in the morning but there are some fruits that we’re better off eating at night, like kiwi fruit. Several studies show that consuming 2 kiwi one hour before going to bed over the course of a month helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Vitamins E and C regulate neural connections in the brain that are responsible for healthy sleep cycles and serotonin production.

  • Don’t replace kiwi with lemons: you’ll get the opposite effect. Lemons invigorate our body and give us energy. The only exception to this rule is if you have a cup of warm water with honey and lemon.

3. Drinking a glass of cherry juice

New research from Louisiana State University found that 2 glasses of cherry juice helps you sleep nearly 90 more minutes a night. Ruby red pigments called proanthocyanidins in cherries decrease the breakdown of tryptophan and help it last longer and it work more.

  • If you don’t like cherry juice, eat seaweed during dinner. According to studies held in Oxford, seaweed contains a lot of omega-3 acid that helps you sleep better and longer.

2. Brushing your hair

Brushing the hair before bed cleans away dead cells, dust, and skin fat. And a light massage with a smooth brush helps transport oxygen and nutrient rich materials to the roots. In the morning, you won’t need to style your hair in a hurry.

  • Stylist Sam Burnett, from Great Britain, claims that brushing your hair 2-3 times a day is enough, otherwise it becomes oily and brittle. And according to him the rule “you have to brush your hair 100 times” makes no sense.

1. Analyzing the day

Analyze the day, recall all the good things that happened to you, think about what you would like to change, and make some notes if you have a diary. Studies show that doing a daily analysis (even if the day leaves much to be desired) is very useful. And if you still suffer from a lack of positive emotions before bed, do something pleasant, like pet your cat, for example.

  • Happiness is your ability to be happy in this very moment. Tomorrow is not promised. Most of us spend our evenings with our relatives and close friends. Tell you love them and say that you’re thankful for everything.

Bonus: a pencil can help cope with snoring and headaches

If one of your family members snores (or if you snore), we recommend this exercise that will strengthen the muscles of the upper palate (because it’s weak if you snore). During your free time, place a pencil between your teeth and hold it for 5-10 minutes.

  • This simple exercise can also relieve a headache because certain other muscles relax.

And do you have your own evening rituals? If you have no time in the morning, what can you avoid doing?

Writer Robert Stevenson once said, “Marriage is one long conversation, checkered by disputes.” Sooner or later, every couple goes through a crisis, it’s absolutely inevitable. The good news is, when coping with the crisis, spouses reach a new level in their relationships and find new ways to be happy with each other.

Bright Side believes that there’s no need to be afraid of a marriage crisis because it’s a sign that the relationship is evolving. The main thing is to not give in and look for ways to overcome the difficulties. Because when we promised to be together “for better or for worse,” we need to prove that those words were not just empty rhetoric.

The 1st year of marriage: Realization stage

The bodacious singer Pink proposed to her boyfriend herself. However, the couple broke up one year later… Then they reunited again! The couple is now raising two children.

Rita DeMaria, a marriage and family therapist, calls this crisis a “realization stage.” It usually happens after 6-12 months of living together. The first charm of being in love disappears and you start seeing your partner the way he/she really is with all of their weaknesses and sometimes not very pleasant habits (that you gladly ignored before). “It’s the time to learn to work as a team,” DeMaria says.

What should you do? “If you haven’t discussed serious subjects like finance, children, relatives’ visits, free time, etc. before your marriage, it’s time to do it now,” Beverly Hayman, a psychologist, recommends. You need to speak honestly about your values and priorities. There is a probability that they will not entirely coincide with those of your partner, and it’s then you two will need to find a compromise. It’s very important to reach a firm agreement to the most “burning” questions during this period of time.

3-4 years of marriage: A dangerous “comfort zone”

The marriage of Madonna and Sean Penn lasted only 3 years, but these stars say in their interviews that they still love each other. Perhaps they rushed to get a divorce?

The research among 2,000 British married couples showed that in 3 and a half years spouses start taking each other for granted, preferring sleep to sex, and stop saying “I love you” to each other. A couple finds their own “comfort zone.” On one hand, this is a wonderful feeling of security and relaxation, but on the other rather unpleasant things become normal in their life, like keeping the door open when you pee and wearing shabby pajamas. Though 82% of participating couples said that they were happy with their marriage, 49% mentioned that they wanted their partner to be more romantic.

What should you do? You need to keep a certain degree of emotional intensity in your life. Compliment each other more often and praise each other’s achievements. It’s better to avoid saying everything that’s on your mind to your partner and sometimes it’s better to keep silent. If you see that there’s a problem, begin your conversation softly without accusations. First you need to look inside yourself, John Gottman, a family psychologist, recommends. Growth in marriage happens when each partner is capable of viewing oneself from the outside and understands how much he/she contributes (or doesn’t contribute) to the relationship.

5-7 years of marriage: “The seven-year itch”

David Schwimmer from Friends and his wife Zoe Buckman announced that they wanted to take a break from their relationship after 7 years of marriage. Their fans hope that this is a temporary decision.

There is a certain term in western psychology called “the seven-year itch.” This is one of the most critical periods in every marriage. By this time, the couple has a fine-tuned life, settled relationship, and the spouses treat each other like they’re on auto-pilot which is a big mistake, Beverly Hayman reminds. Interest and sexual appeal towards each other decreases due to routine. It seems that the partners know everything about each other. Sometimes a couple makes a decision to have a first child (or a second one) in order to save their marriage, but it’s worth remembering that a child is a separate person, and not a rescue device.

What should you do? Robert Taibbi, a family therapist, suggests the following:

1. Keep your communication open. You should be less formal, like “How was you day?” “OK”, but more sincere and emotional.

2. Solve your problems immediately as they arise, don’t let them pile up.

3. Listen to yourself. Assess your state from time to time, refresh the list of your wants and your vision of the future. Share your thoughts with your partner.

4. Discuss the future of your relationship. Which plans do you have for the next year, or next 5 or 10? Again, the key is openness and honesty, not politeness and vagueness.

10-15 years of marriage: “A difficult age”

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green almost got divorced when their relationship reached 11 years together. Still they managed to save their marriage and now the couple has 3 children.

In accordance with a recent study, 10 years is the most difficult threshold of any relationship. 2,000 married women from the USA who were interviewed said that the 11th year of marriage is the most difficult. Women experience a huge load of responsibilities during this period of time: they have to take care of their tween children, of their home, and they also have to work. Since they always lack time, the quality of their relationship decreases. A husband can stop seeing his wife as an attractive woman. Statistical data claims that an average marriage in Europe lasts for approximately 11 years.

What should you do? The good news is that if you overcome this time period, the satisfaction with your relationship will continuously increase during the following 20 years. Family therapists Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart recommend that you treat your relationships with humor—including yourself. Laugh together more often and lower the level of your expectations. Maybe your marriage isn’t perfect, but is it really that bad? Focus your attention on the positive side of your marriage and your partner.

20-30 years of marriage: Mid-life crisis and “grey divorce”

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman broke up after 30 years of marriage which shocked their fans. However, a year later they understood that they had made a mistake and reunited.

The crisis of 20 years of marriage happens due to the personal mid-life crises of both spouses. The effect is increased by a so called empty-nest syndrome when children grow up and leave the family home while the spouses stay by themselves, like in the beginning of their relationship. The spouses may feel that their marriage is exhausted because its main mission is completed. American psychologists call this divorce “grey divorce” because some spouses have already become grey-haired by this time. In recent times, the number of these divorces has been growing.

What should you do? Don’t distance from each other. Look for other meanings of existence for you as a couple. If spouses ignored their marriage problems while raising children then, when it’s just the two of them, the conficts may become more intense. On the other hand, you have more time to solve them. It’s a great opportunity to rebuild your marriage. Steve Seabold, a relationship coach, recommends doing sports together and creating new common goals, like travel, new business, language courses, or something that will help you to create unforgettable experiences.

Non-standard recommendations to overcome a marriage crisis

Mort Fertel, a relationship expert, thinks that popular recommendations to marriage rescue like sharing feelings with a partner or visiting a family psychologist are not always effective because they don’t define what exactly needs to be done to overcome the crisis.

Here are some unusual recommendations by Mort Fertel on how to save your marriage:

1. Save your marriage even by yourself. It’s usually believed that a marriage can be saved only when both partners are ready to work on problems. “The efforts made by even one person can change the marriage dynamics and can motivate the more stubborn spouse to join the process of the marriage rescue,” Mort Fertel says.

2. Don’t ask yourself wrong questions. Don’t ask yourself, “Is this the right person I’ve chosen for a spouse?” The key to a successful marriage is not to find the right person but to learn to love the one that you found. Because love is not luck, it’s your choice.

3. Separation drives you apart, not closer. Separation, which allegedly can refresh your feelings, can distance you from each other even more, especially during a marriage crisis where your goal is to be closer again.

4. Talk less about problems. Conversations about marriage problems don’t solve them but make them deeper. They cause arguments and anger. Talking about a problem doesn’t mean you solved it. Talk less, do more. Find real ways to solve your difficulties.

5. Don’t think that a therapist will give you the exact answers. Therapy sessions help spouses talk to each other and understand each other’s point of view, but they don’t give answers regarding what needs to be done to save the marriage. As a result, couples remain very disappointed with their therapy.

6. Don’t tell your relatives and friends about your marriage crisis. “One of the most important values of marriage is confidentiality, that’s why talking to your relatives or friends about your marriage or your spouse is a big mistake. This is a violation of confidentiality for your spouse, and it’s wrong,” Mort Fertel says.


In 2017, one of the most stable Hollywood couples — Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne — celebrated their 35th anniversary. They’ve lived through different hardships during their relationship but still managed to save their love.

Professional pilots and flight attendants are trained almost as much as special agents are. They can notice the smallest details, malfunctions, and other things even when they are sitting in a regular passenger seat.

Bright Side has studied these pilots’ stories and can now tell you about six flight nuances that usual passengers don’t notice. And at the end of the article, check out the bonus that will help make your flights more comfortable.

1. Icing

In very cold weather, the surfaces of planes are covered with special chemicals that prevent icing during the flight. If this is not necessary, the cover is not put on. But the chances of icing are still pretty high.

Associate Professor and pilot, Tanya Gatlin says, “During landing, the power of engines drop significantly and they don’t produce enough heat, so the chance that the plane will get covered with ice is very high”.

Pilots often pay attention to how fast the ice is formed on the window glass when the power of the engines falls (and so does the noise), and how thick the ice is.

2. Suspicious smells

A strange sound is the clearest sign that something is going wrong. But the passenger area of the plane is soundproof, so pilots often pay attention to the second best sign of danger — smell.

According to Tom Farrier, the Former Director of Safety Air Transport Association, smells travel around quite freely and some (e.g., fuel, hydraulic fluid, superheated bleed air) are pretty distinctive.

3. The angle of the light coming through the window

If you are traveling during the day, pay attention to the angle between the light and the plane window. Experienced pilots know that the change of a light’s angle is the first sign that the plane has changed its direction.

Sometimes, the route can change due to weather conditions or a malfunction but passengers are not informed of this in order to avoid panic. Also, it’s easy to predict a delay by watching light angles.

4. Delay messages

Many passengers don’t know that if their flight is being delayed, they have the right to know why it happened and whose fault it is. Patrick Smith, the pilot and author of Ask the Pilot says that you can ask the flight attendant about a problem if the plane is on the runway for 20 minutes or longer.

The problem is never something technical that passengers can’t understand. It’s always something that everyone can easily grasp. If you want a clear explanation, all you have to do is ask a flight attendant or an airport employee politely.

5. Where exits are

People who travel by plane a lot don’t pay much attention to the information given about the location of fire exits.

John Chesire, an ex-pilot says that he always pays attention to the fire exits, how far away they are and how much time it will take him to get to them. “I always think about how many steps there are between me and the fire exit. I do this in case the place is smoked, dark, or even upside down, so I will be able to find the exit, open the door, and get out,” says John.

6. Announcements during the flight

Professional pilots always pay attention to the announcements even when they are not working. For example, the announcement, “Flight attendants, please come into the cockpit” is almost always a sign that there is a problem.

However, sometimes this announcement could mean that the pilot just wants a cup of tea or cappuccino.

Bonus: Aisle and window seat armrests can also be raised.

Many people get irritated that the aisle and window seat armrests are fixed in place. However, it’s not quite so. To raise them, push the small button hidden near the base of the armrest. Still, you should be prepared for flight attendants to ask you to return them to their initial position during takeoff and landing.

Which of these secrets surprised you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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